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Psychologist Jacqueline S. Williams will help you learn your mental strengths and weaknesses. Services provided include:

Gifted Abilities

There are a variety of reasons you may want a gifted ability test performed. The Psychological Testing Center in Woodland Hills, CA performs testing to identify exceptional talent in areas of intelligence, creativity, or aptitudes; determine advance placement in K-12 programs, determine admittance eligibility for private schools.

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Learning Disabilities

Jacqueline S. Williams is a licensed psychologist at The Psychological Testing Center specializing in diagnosing learning disabilities such as reading, math, and writing. Our office is a safe environment in which to explore each individual's needs. Although discovering learning disabilities may be difficult, being informed can also be a huge relief. Contact us today to learn more!


The Psychological Testing Center offers Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder testing services in Woodland Hills, CA and surrounding areas. These emotional and behavioral tests will determine if your child has ADHD or ADD and we will provide in-depth feedback and recommendations.

Dementia, Memory ImpairmentElderly couple

Memory and neuropsychological tests analyze short-term and long-term retention spans to help diagnose dementia or memory impairments. Psychologist Jacqueline S. Williams of The Psychological Testing Center uses several techniques to detect memory deficits and provide recommendations to improve your memory.

Memory tests help assess dementia in geriatric patients; measure brain dysfunction; measure rate of learning and recall abilities; and evaluate strategies and processes used in learning and remembering.

Emotional & Behavioral Difficulties

At The Psychological Testing Center in Woodland Hills, CA, we provide psychological tests to evaluate emotional as well as behavioral difficulties in children and adults. Serving the Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Riverside Counties for the past 19 years, Jacqueline S. Williams, Psy. D. is dedicated to helping individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can overcome them.

Asian CoupleEmotional and Behavioral tests measure the acting-out behavior of an individual. Self-destructive behaviors and thoughts that predispose an individual to aggressive or violent behavior are identified, along with recommendations to minimize or eliminate the inappropriate behaviors and emotions.

Personality tests measure social and personal maladjustment. These tests are often used to assess medical patients and design effective interventions; evaluate participants within the legal contexts such as competency, malingering, divorce/custody, dependency court/fitness for family reunification, fitness to practice for California licensing board, fitness of adult caregivers, employment/fitness for duty, pre-trial and sentencing, immigration, etc.

Intelligence, Aptitude Abilities

The Psychological Testing Center offers IQ and aptitude ability testing services to Woodland Hills, CA and surrounding communities. Our psychologist will evaluate how easily you can learn or comfortably perform in different areas. The Psychological Testing Center in Woodland Hills, CA, provides reliable testing services, which have been growing at an alarming rate. Intelligence must be understood from what can be observed or measured, such as scores on tests designed to assess mental abilities. Contact us today to learn more today!

Intelligence tests are good at predicting academic success. They are helpful in identifying a student's strengths and weaknesses and are highly correlated with performance on "real-life" tasks.


Aptitude tests, or SATs, measure an individual's potential to learn new knowledge and new skills. These types of tests are usually used by colleges and businesses to determine admission or placement.

Achievement tests are often used in K-12 schools to plan individual educational programs. They measure basic academic skills of which a person has already learned. These tests detect limitations or at-risk performances and highlight discrepancies between what an individual should know and what he actually knows.

Neuropsychological Testing

We perform neuropsychological testing to assess areas of the brain that may be damaged, usually following a brain injury or concussion. The Psychological Testing Center is dedicated to reliably identifying areas of cognitive strengths and weaknesses or limitations. Neurological screening tests measure perceptual discrimination ability, fine motor skills, organizational and planning skills, visual-motor integration skills, attentiveness, recall, and behavioral and personality characteristics.

Pre-bariatric and Pain Surgery Assessment

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The Psychological Testing Center evaluates your psychiatric treatment, psychosocial influences and any psychopathology history that could limit post-operative care. Depend on our professionals for the comprehensive services you deserve.

Pre-bariatric Surgery tests evaluate the client's history of psychiatric treatment, eating behavior, psychosocial influences, ability to maintain weight loss and any psychopathology that may limit informed consent and post-operative care.

Forensic Evaluations

At The Psychological Testing Center, we provide forensic evaluations. These evaluations involve human behavior as it applies to the law for use within the legal context such as competency to stand trial, pre-sentencing screening, Dependency Court, Family Court, impact of immigration, qualification for State or National medical/psychological disability benefits. Contact our professionals today to learn more!

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